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Benefits of the Green Season

Latitude 10 is even more private… in the green season

Picture yourself enjoying a refreshing shower in your suave outdoor bathroom, listening to the melodious squirrel cuckoos call, just after a playful romp with your partner on the beach.

There is no getaway more romantic and private than Latitude 10 Resort. And Santa Teresa’s most special luxury retreat becomes even more secluded during the rainy season.

When you book an eco-getaway at Latitude 10 from May until October, you get the benefits of the Green Season, including lower flight costs and room rates, less crowds and better wildlife viewing opportunities.

Here in Costa Rica, the forest gets rejuvenated by rain for six months out of the year. But, it doesn’t rain all day. Usually mornings are clear so you can head for the beach or outside tours. The temperature never drops, so even if it rains you wont be cold; tours always run regardless of rain, and you can return to your awesome private room and a rewarding hot shower in our famous outdoor bathroom.

Waves get much bigger here due to the rains, which makes for great surfing and also provides a more exciting environment. Plus the quaint beach towns of Santa Teresa and Malpais offer a host of chic restaurants, local arts and cultural exhibits, live surfer music and shopping galore – from clothing to books to yoga accessories.

Fewer people on the beach and on tours translate to more personalized attention and service from staff. You’ll have that “we have this place all to ourselves” feeling every day, which means more privacy and quality time with your partner or family.

Come to the Santa Teresa for a Green Season experience you’ll never forget at Latitude 10.

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