Are You a Daredevil or an Even-Tempered Traveller? You Can Be Both in Costa Rica - October 17, 2016

If from time to time you find yourself craving adrenaline, then Latitude 10 is your private eco-getaway to gratify those cravings. Costa Rica can cater to your adventure needs with high canopy rain forests andRead More

Latitude 10, a great place for family vacations - October 13, 2016

Latitude 10 is a great combination of a relaxed vacation destination and active outings. Located on southern part of the Nicoya Peninsula, this blue zone has a lot to offer, be it unwinding, exploring, orRead More

Surfing/kayaking virgin? Costa Rica is the best for firsts - September 12, 2016

Trying out anything new can be intimidating, especially sports. If a sport is not your forte or your natural balance is just plain unnatural (like me!), you are probably seeking a humiliation-free experience. The NicoyaRead More

Stretch it out! Best Way to Loosen Your Limbs Post Surf - August 30, 2016

Surfing is blast but spend too long paddling, “popping up,”  and jumping through Santa Teresa‘s frothy surf and you might wake up a bit stiff. In order to avoid waking up feeling as stiff asRead More

Lost at Sea-Tortuga Island’s Ship Wrecks - August 25, 2016

Tortuga Island is hailed as one of the world’s best dive spots and, with its crystalline waters, vibrant coral reefs and abundance of marine life, it’s not hard to see why. But Tortuga has somethingRead More

Fishy Friends to Look out For While Snorkeling Around Tortuga Island - August 17, 2016

Just a short boat ride from Latitude 10 lies one of the world’s most wondrous snorkeling spots: Tortuga Island. The waters around this peaceful little landmass are swimming with all sorts of colourful vibrant marineRead More

Skimboarding Tricks to Try at Latitude 10 - August 12, 2016

Fun for all ages, skimboarding is a great activity to try on the beaches of Santa Teresa. But, skimming in a straight line along the shoreline is only fun for so long. If you’ve alreadyRead More

The Cool Thing About Coral - August 3, 2016

Beneath the crystal clear water of Tortuga Island lies an entire underwater world bursting with marine life. Parrot fish and damsels dart between shipwrecked boats. Melancholy starfish dot the ocean floor, and an explosion of colorfulRead More

Latitude 10 Sweet Potato Recipe - July 28, 2016

Costa Rican sweet potatoes are a serious superfood. In Spanish they are known as “camotes”  and considered one of the healthiest vegetables around. Native to Costa Rica, these super sweet potatoes have been providing peopleRead More

Best Boogie Boarding Tips And Tricks - July 22, 2016

Bodyboarding is more than just a stepping stone to surfing, it’s an extremely popular sport all on its own. Bodyboarders do a lot more than coast into shore on small waves. They have all sortsRead More

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