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Frequently Asked Questions
about Latitude 10, vacations in Costa Rica and more

Is Latitude 10 for me? How early do I need to book at Latitude 10? What should I bring? When is check in and check out? Is Latitude 10 suitable for children? Can everything be paid in US dollars or do I need local currency?


Resort Facilities

Is the beach safe for swimming? Do you have a restaurant? Do the rooms have A/C? Do the rooms have T.V./Cable? Is there telephone access in the rooms? Is there hot water? Is there Internet access? Am I allowed to smoke on the hotel premises?



Where is Latitude 10 located? How do I get to Latitude 10?


Health & Weather

Do I need shots to travel here? What is the Climate & Weather like? What if there is a medical emergency? What about bugs and insect repellant?


Costa Rican Facts

About Costa Rica Costa Rican Facts What does “Pura Vida” mean? How is Costa Rica different from other Central American countries? What else is there to see in Costa Rica?


Additional Information

Pre-Payments and Cancellation Policies Where should I stay overnight in San José? Do you recommend any other hotels? Planning your Honeymoon or a Romantic Escape? Who owns Latitude 10? What is the CST and how can I learn more about it?
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