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Most visitors to Costa Rica arrive in San José, which is located about 6 hours by car or a short 40 minute flight to Tambor. Some guests also fly in from abroad to Liberia from where it is a 5 hour drive or two short domestic flights of about 45 and 40 minutes each.

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Driving to Santa Teresa: please find driving directions here. Four by four vehicle preferred, but regular cars should have no problem.

Domestic Flights: the easiest and fastest way to get to Latitude 10 is with a domestic flight. There are two options for regularly scheduled local flights: Nature Air or Sansa. Domestic flights arrive at the small airport of Tambor, just a 50 minute drive to Santa Teresa and Latitude 10. Please note that all domestic flights in Costa Rica are certified as being Carbon Neutral and will compensate all carbon emissions emitted by your flight.

For specific arrival and departure times, contact us. We would also be happy to arrange a private charter flight from any destination in Costa Rica to Tambor.