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What to bring?

The resort’s dress code is informal. Guests are encouraged to bring lightweight, casual clothing, sunscreen, bathing suit, sturdy shoes or hiking boots for activities and nature hikes. National airline flights have a 25 lb. baggage limit per person. Additional luggage can usually be accommodated for an extra charge. And don’t worry about bringing extra clothing, since the resort offers laundry service.

What is the weather like?

Although Costa Rica is considered to have a stable climate, it is important to note that different temperature and weather conditions may be experienced within the same day, or within short distances, due mostly to the rugged terrain of this mountainous country. There are two well defined seasons: the green season (invierno), and the dryer summer season (verano), with one main difference between them: rainfall averages. Dry season runs from December to April, and the green season from May to November. Rainfall averages for the country may reach the highest point during the months of September and October.

Seasonal changes don't bring significant changes in temperatures, although nights may be cooler in some areas during the rainy season. Mornings will most commonly be sunny all year round.

Is there phone or Internet?

There is a direct dial phone for local and international calls at the office if needed. Wifi and laptop use is available in the clubhouse and lounge area.