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Costa Rica is one of the best places to enjoy nature. The Nicoya Peninsula is full of jungle and ocean life. Here, at Latitude 10, we have a great offer for you to experience everything Costa Rica has to offer. In our 5 night, 6 day naturalist package, you have the opportunity to explore Cabo Blanco, go snorkeling on Isla Tortuga, and tour Curú, a wildlife refuge.


Do you want to learn how to surf? Whether you are completely new or have attempted before but just want to refresh yourself, we have a wonderful new vacation for surfing in Costa Rica designed with you in mind. Some of the best surfing waves are in Costa Rica on the Nicoya Peninsula. Luckily, so are we. We have a package for 5 nights and 6 days. 

Girls just wanna have fun…

This summer and fall, leave work and life stresses at home and round up your favorite gal-pal for a Central American girlfriend getaway.

Our studies show that the dream Girlfriend Getaway often includes an international destination, a long weekend, a pool or beach location, and plenty of fun things to do in the company of their inspirational female buddies. We’ve created our new Girlfriend Getaway Packages specifically around these interests. We set the stage for a fabulous getaway during a time when we can offer great value. 

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