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The Story Of Latitude 10 As A Beach Resort In Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

The story of Latitude 10 as a Beach Resort in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

When long time friends Bob Florsheim and Rick Hughes decided to buy a beachfront property in Santa Teresa, all they had in mind was building a small summer hang out for themselves, their families and their friends. After interviewing several architects, Rick and Bob could not find anyone who could really capture their idea. It was then that they turned to their friend Bill Hezmahalch , owner of Hezmahalch and Associates. Bill was immediately interested in the idea and enthusiastically got behind the project. He helped to form and execute the overall vision of the project, and after just a few visits he formulated the unique concept that has now become Latitude 10.

His main idea was to create a secret place, hidden from the outside world by overgrown jungle and native plants. The layout was designed in a way that no trees had to be cut down during the construction, for this reason a dense canopy covers the property. At night, guests were to explore the grounds with wooden torches as lighting. Villas were to be dimly lit with candles and lamps at night and completely open during the day. Cobble stone pathways were to intertwine and connect each villa until finally merging and revealing the ultimate surprise: the spectacular clubhouse, with the teal swimming pool and crystal ocean in the background.

The villas known today as Master Suites were each made for Bob and Rick. The staff still refers to them as Casa de Bob and Casa de Rick! The three Junior Suites were planned as guest houses. Today, even as a hotel, Latitude 10 still preserves that summer hang out feel, and guests may enjoy the privacy and exclusivity that this implicates. Most of the staff members have been part of the team since the opening, and the new members embrace the concept that characterized the property from the very beginning.

Bob and Rick have trusted Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality, a local hotel management company managing upscale sustainable resorts and lodges, to help them with the administration of their hotel.  All Cayuga managed properties combine quality with sustainability and focus on the conservation of the local environment and well being of the local communities.  Visit them here for more information.

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