When You Want That Low-Key,
Beach House Feeling

Latitude 10°

Why Latitude 10°
Beach House Resort

When long-time friends Bob Florsheim and Rick Hughes came to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, they wanted to build a private summer hangout for their nearest and dearest.

They envisioned a secret place, hidden from the outside world by lush jungle and native plants. A place with open-air Casitas that brought their guests back-to-nature. An atmosphere that felt completely private and low-key.

This is the spirit of Latitude 10°. Today, we’re a small boutique hotel with just 5 luxury Casitas and a Guest Room. We’ve preserved that easy-going beach house feel. We’re intentionally low-key and personal. Small and boutique. Simple and luxurious.

And exclusive to only a handful of guests.

If you’re seeking a laid-back place with all the comforts you’d expect from a modern beach house, we invite you to get-back-to-nature at Latitude 10°.

Come and join the good folks.

Latitude 10° Beach House Resort is a proud member of The Cayuga Collection of Sustainable Luxury Hotels. Through its environmental awareness efforts and sustainability programs, it represents a new generation of hoteliers leading the way for intelligent luxury travel.

Latitude 10°

Your Luxury Beach House Resort
Santa Teresa, Costa Rica


An Enchanting Resort Experience

“Latitude 10° provided an amazing balance of “back-to-nature” and luxury treatment. With the open-air shower, the charming (and immaculate) casitas nestled among the jungle foliage, and the wildlife that roamed the property, we definitely felt an enchanted connection to this beautiful place that would not have possible had we stayed in a modern, marbled-laden five-star hotel.”

 – John, Seattle

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