Catching The Perfect Wave In Santa Teresa

Have you always wanted to try surfing but never had a chance? We invite you to do so at our lovely little town of Santa Teresa, one of the world’s best spots to learn surfing. With its hollow and consistent break and a gorgeous white-sand beach with a backdrop of tropical mountains pouring down toward the Pacific, it’s become known around the globe as a surfing hotspot. Still, despite the popularity, it remains uncrowded, chic and cool.

If you’re an expert surfer, you will love the killer waves and high swells in Santa Teresa. The town holds a number of international surfing competitions at its popular spots on the surrounding beaches; those include La Lora, Playa Hermosa, Suck Rock and Playa Carmen.

For novices, Santa Teresa offers stellar conditions, perfect if you want to learn the art of surfing. The best times are during low currents, since the waves are faster then. The great thing about Santa Teresa – you can surf here year-round. Water temperatures hover around 83-85°F, which means you don’t need a wetsuit, and the sun is shining all year long.

Perfect Surfing in Santa Teresa

Another delight of surfing in our remote tropical town is that you’ll be away from the crowds. You’re getting expansive white-sand beaches practically to yourself, rainforests that teem with wildlife just steps away, blue lagoons to dive into and plenty of silence and solitude. Book one of our six bohemian bungalows and you’ll be within earshot of the Pacific’s crashing waves, with sea vistas stretching from almost every vantage point.

Expansive white-sand beaches

Nothing compares to the rush of catching a giant wave. Try it in Santa Teresa and you’ll be hooked to its perfect swell, whether you’re a beginner just trying it out for the first time or an experienced wave-chaser.

For more info about surfing in the area, see surfing in Santa Teresa.


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