Green Season at Latitude 10

There’s never a bad time to visit Costa Rica. No matter which season you pick, there’s always something wonderful to see and do. On the other hand, if you visit during Green Season, you’ll get to really experience a particularly magical side of Costa Rica.

Not everyone loves the afternoon rains, but if you’re after an authentic rainforest experience, the country doesn’t get lusher than in Green Season. The short downpours are also ideal for sneaky siestas – there’s nothing more relaxing than falling asleep to the sound of rain beating down. From July through November, the wildlife is also out in full force and you can expect to see humpback whales up and down the Pacific coast, along with teeny tiny turtles.


Afternoon rains are the perfect excuse to retire to your casita for a siesta

During Green Season, in reality it typically only rains for a few hours a day, mostly in the afternoons and nights. It’s not uncommon either to have completely rain-free days. Sunny mornings and wet afternoons is the common pattern in Santa Teresa. At Latitude 10, our gardens spring back to life making our nature-loving guests feel truly immersed in this tropical paradise but in a comfortable way and always with first-class service. For surfers too, Green Season is a great time to catch waves.  And let’s not forget the lovers!  Green Season sunsets in Santa Teresa are an actual event that you’ll want to watch arm-in-arm with a cocktail.  Every evening around 5:30pm it’s Golden Hour – everything glows in a warm light as the clouds left behind from the afternoon showers create totally dynamic and fiery red sunsets across the horizon.  They’re spectacular.

Green Season is a great time of year to surf in Santa Teresa

Green Season Days

Don’t worry about your vacation being a washout. Glorious mornings of sunshine await and you’ll have plenty of time for rainforest adventures, pool time and beach relaxation. The rains normally make an appearance in the afternoon, just in time for post-lunch naps. There’s nothing quite like a siesta or a little reading break while listening to the sounds of tropical rain from your suite with a cup of freshly brewed Costa Rican coffee. The downpours here are warm – temperatures never drop below 26°C – and they can clear up just as quickly as they start. Hopes of an afternoon cocktail and open-air dinner are never lost!

Glorious mornings of sunshine await during Green Season in Costa Rica

Travelers often shy away from visiting during this time of year but Costa Ricans celebrate as the forests flourish and the rivers run wild. Costa Rica is undeniably at its most beautiful during Green Season. Also beautiful are the much lower international airfares and special promotions we offer at Latitude 10! With the pool, beach and the rainforest trails all to yourself, you’ll feel like one of Santa Teresa’s celebrities on a super exclusive vacation.

With Green Season almost drawing to an end for 2017, hurry and book your stay to experience how special Costa Rica feels during this magical time of year.


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