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Is Latitude 10 For Me?

Latitude 10 casitas are tucked amongst the native vegetation, the wooden structures have shades but no windows and there are no locks on the doors and no a/c. The bathrooms are completely open-air with large hot water showers and gardens. It is more than a lovely room, it is a structure enabling you to sleep and reside completely in harmony with nature.

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It has happened a few times in the past that guests were surprised by the openness of the lodging experience and ‘lack of a/c’. However, 98% of our guests are blown away by the unique and different experience and become raving fans. What is your take on this? Feel free to contact us with questions.

Name: Lauren and Eric Gould
Age: 31 (Lauren), 33 (Eric)
Profession: Magazine Editor (Lauren) and Furniture Designer (Eric)
From: New York, New York, USA

Lauren: We were so exhausted from our honeymoon; all we wanted to do was relax.  Both Eric and I had been running around like crazy for the past few months, entertaining his family from overseas, planning dinners, meeting work deadlines and more. We were so pleased to arrive to Latitude 10 and find complete paradise.

Eric: The natural beauty of Santa Theresa is surreal. This vacation was exactly what I needed: relaxation without the fuss. There are also some pretty nice surf breaks nearby, which was great.

Lauren: The bungalows were so secluded and private; we loved the feeling of escaping our hectic everyday lives.

Eric: And the food was incredible, both fresh and delicious. I felt like there were always people to help when you needed something who seemed to magically disappear just when you wanted to be alone. I was really impressed.

Lauren: This place was so incredible; I almost don’t want to tell my friends about it!

Eric: We will be back soon. And I can’t wait.

Name: Brooke Rand, Michelle Cox, Dana Hammer and Amber Wallstein
Age: 36 (Brooke), 37 (Michelle), 35 (Dana and Amber)
Profession: Sales and Marketing Executive in Fashion Industry (Brooke), Publicist (Michelle), Television Producer (Dana) and Writer (Amber)
From: Los Angeles, California, USA

Brooke: We decided that we HAD to make the time for ourselves. I mean, time is running out. Michelle and Amber are each getting married, and Dana and I are so busy with work these days. It almost felt like now or never.

Michelle: A friend of mine had told me about Latitude 10 when it was just opening up and it sounded interesting. When we finally got reservations, I had no problem convincing the rest of my "L.A. Gang" to head down with me. We have all been friends forever and figured that now was the time to spoil ourselves…especially before Amber and I get married!

Dana: Latitude 10 exceeded all of our expectations ten fold. It was the PERFECT vacation getaway. I couldn’t believe how peaceful everything was.  We all had the most amazing time relaxing and bonding together.

Amber: I love the tranquility of the hotel (if you could even call it a hotel. "Getaway" does seem to be a much more appropriate word, although a bit cheesy I admit). There is a focus on wellness and relaxation here that seems to just permeate the bungalows, restaurant and the surrounding beaches.

Michelle: There were also some great yoga classes on the beach that we all loved. Better than any place I have ever done yoga in my life.

Brooke: I would highly recommend Latitude 10 to anyone looking to get away from it all. I feel so refreshed and revitalized after this trip, ready to get back to reality and tackle the world!

Name: Matthew Rappaport
Age: 37
Profession: Architect
From: San Francisco, California USA

I came to Latitude 10 after what felt like an eternity of nonstop work.  I was tired and overworked, stressed and exhausted.  I came to a point where I needed a drastic change, something to help me revitalize and refocus my energies.  While I had tried taking vacations in the past, none of them had really done the trick.  A friend of mine told me about Latitude 10 and I booked a stay for a week despite my skepticism.  I cannot even begin to express how this trip changed my life.  The concept of the hotel is unlike anything I have ever seen, a combination of luxury, comfort and hominess that is truly refreshing.  The beaches surrounding the property are virtually untouched and majestic, and truly helped me disconnect from my stressful life back in California.  I spent so much time in my private bungalow just hanging outside, drawing and watching the sunset.  There was also plenty of time for me to get back into surfing and yoga (which I hadn’t done in years).  I came back to the States refreshed and renewed, this time with a focus on what was really important in my life and in my work.  I would recommend Latitude 10 to anyone who needs a break from it all and is looking to get back in touch with what’s really important.

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