Laid-back living with your lover

For couples who like to chill, Latitude 10 Beach Resort is the perfect honeymoon pick. At this hideaway in the hip beach town of Santa Teresa on the Nicoya Peninsula, the vibe is laid-back and the rhythm easy. Newlyweds can hole up in low-key luxury at the bohemian beach retreat, where doing nothing at all is as thrilling as the entire menu of activities.

Laid-back living with your lover

At this cool little town a short bike ride away from the resort, couples can go social and mingle with the surfers. Check out the brightly colored surfboards, feel soft sands under your bare feet and hang out at the town’s funky local cantinas. Back at the resort, spend the afternoon lounging by the infinity pool, fresh tropical cocktails in hand. Then hide away in your own breezy bungalow with the shades drawn over the open-air windows and candlelight illuminating the room, lending it all a magical vibe. Shower under open skies in your own alfresco bathroom and watch the stars from your private deck, listening to the wild waves of the Pacific.

Laid-back living with your lover

Latitude 10 Beach Resort offers so much in the romance department, both on property and in its surroundings. Swoon over gorgeous sunsets and take moonlit walks on the beach under star-speckled skies. Roam rainforest trails looking for colorful wildlife and rare plants. Unwind with couples’ massages at the open-air yoga and spa center. Chase the waves with the surfers, spend days snorkeling and savor deliciously fresh seafood at the resort’s clubhouse and lounge. Take a boat tour out to Tortuga Island and play Robinson Crusoe on the marvelous white-sand beaches of this tropical flyspeck. As the backdrop to your romance, ocean vistas stretch from almost every vantage point at Latitude 10 Beach Resort. Take it all in propelled by ocean breezes, crashing waves and soothing sounds of the rainforest.


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