Latitude 10 serves up a new menu of tasty organic goodness

Our brand new menu is designed around fresh, local, and primarily organic products and we can proudly say that many of our suppliers are truly committed to sustainability just like us.  We’ve kept all different palates in mind and also have a very flexible mentality in the kitchen.  If you’re vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, lactose intolerant, or just love certain ingredients, we’ll make sure the food is perfect for you.

Fish tacos at Latitude 10

Fresh, local and sustainably-caught fish tacos at Latitude 10

Our fisherman is local meaning the tasty fish dishes you enjoy at Latitude 10 are always fresh and never frozen!

Our chicken is free-range, organic and definitely hormone-free.  We’ll only ever serve you healthy and high quality poultry.

The eggs for your hearty breakfasts come from a local farm managed by women from the area.  The hens are well-treated and not dosed up on antibiotics!

Our high quality and exquisitely smooth Taza Amarilla coffee is exclusively sourced from dedicated innovators in organic practices and long-time carers of the Costa Rican countryside.

Tasty Organic Goodness

Coffee the Costa Rican way at Latitude 10 in Santa Teresa

A great many of our ingredients also come from The Gardens at Hacienda Okhra.  The farmers there use a variety of techniques including indoor vertical growing systems, outdoor raised beds, and traditional ground methods, using everything from coconut fibres and natural compost to vermicomposting too!


At Latitude 10, our guests love the opportunity to join us for cooking classes where they learn all about the magic behind our tasty pataconestortillas, and ceviche.  It’s an authentic experience and a great insight into our gastronomic culture, just like helping us make the traditional dishes at home!

Cooking Classes


Indeed the best type!  Whatever the occasion, we love to surprise our guests with little gourmet treats.  Whether it’s a birthday, honeymoon or even if we just find out that a guest’s loves a certain something, we’ll go out of our way to surprise and delight!

Calling all laidback foodies, Latitude 10 in Santa Teresa is the destination for you!  Start planning your vacation HERE!


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