Meet Jennifer, Our Surfer Girl General Manager

She’s a well-travelled, animal-loving surfer girl in the making – a sophisticated citizen of the world too, Jennifer Lotz has landed back in her native Costa Rica and now calls Santa Teresa home.  Here she talks luxury in flip flops, her craziest guest requests, and the rewards of operating such a small boutique hotel.  Get to know our worldly General Manager and discover Latitude 10° through her eyes.

Green Season Days at Latitude10

Barefoot Beachfront Luxury at Latitude 10°

How did you begin your career in hotel management? When did you join the Cayuga Collection at Latitude 10°?

I began my career in Hotel Management in 2003 in Les Roches Marbella Spain and joined the Cayuga Collection at Latitude 10° in December 1st 2017.

Where else have you lived? What is your favorite part about living and working in Santa Teresa?

I’ve lived in the South of Spain, Tenerife, Germany, Thailand, Boston, California and Panama. My favorite part about living and working in Santa Teresa is being part of a community that is so environmentally conscious, coming to work with my dogs, smelling the ocean breeze and being able to take my “work break” to go surf (sometimes with the guests as well!)

Santa Teresa – Costa Rica’s Favorite Surf Town

What are the biggest rewards and challenges in operating such a small property? 

The biggest reward is being able to be a hands-on manager and work in all departments. I enjoy being in the kitchen and helping the cooks, being part of the service team and interacting with guests and having the feeling of being home when coming to work. We’ve all become a family at Latitude 10° and it’s rewarding to see staff members grow and care for one another.

The main challenge in operating a small property is trying to be everywhere at the same time. We’re a small staff (just 14) so we all jump in where we’re needed. It can take your attention from one place to another in a second. Trying to be on top of everything and available for everyone can also be a little challenging, but we all try to empower each other so the challenges become opportunities for all of us.

What is the craziest request you’ve ever had from a guest or travel agent? 

The craziest request I’ve had from a client was if we could keep the monkeys and crickets quiet in the early mornings as they like to sleep late and don’t want to be woken by them… Crazy!

Howler monkeys at Latitude 10

At Latitude 10°, you’ll hear the monkeys before you see them

What are you most proud of at Latitude 10°? What are your favorite aspects of the hotel?

I’m most proud of being part of the Cayuga Collection, being a sustainable hotel, hiring all locals and helping the community.  That and making our guests happy and aware too.

My favorite aspects of the hotel are the casitas – the beauty and detail in each one of them, the proximity to the beach, the distance from down town Santa Teresa… We’re in a beautiful spot in the northern part of Santa Teresa. You get the feeling that you’re staying at a private beach here, there are no noises aside from wildlife and the ocean.

The most memorable guest experience you’ve helped orchestrate?

I had a couple of guests who wanted to renew their vows so I took an online course and registered in order to be able to officiate at their ceremony. After the renewal, we set up a private beachfront dinner at sunset.  It was beautiful and romantic.

Luxurious, Romantic Casitas at Latitude 10°

What do you like to do in your free time?

I am learning to surf (3 months now and I spend more time under the board than on top!) but I’m loving every second of it and have faith that I will be good at it someday soon. I also love to scuba dive, go on long beach walks with my dogs and cook at home.

What is something unique that you would like people to know about Latitude 10° or the vicinity?

Well, Latitude 10° used to be a private summer residence, and we try to keep that “home from home” feel.  We try to totally personalize the experiences we offer and accommodate all guest requests. We’re luxury in flip flops and try not to follow rules and procedures set in stone. We’re definitely more flexible and unique.

Who should come and stay at Latitude 10°?

People who like being pampered in a non-traditional way, people who enjoy nature, yoga and surf and are up for being barefoot all day and woken by howler monkeys in the morning. Latitude 10° is a place to connect with nature and relax, a place to be romantic; it’s a home away from home.

Ready to meet Jennifer and her team and to experience the Latitude 10° ultra-personalized luxury in flip flopsCheck our rates, our seasonal promotions and chat to us over in beachfront paradise – we look forward to welcoming you soon.

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