Nature and Wildlife in Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is known around the world as home to some of the best beaches and surfing in Costa Rica.  Our guests normally come to the Nicoya Peninsula in the name of romantic oceanfront sunsets, the hip crowd, and our rustic-chic laidback vibes.  Only once they’re here are they delighted to find that we’re also quite the wildlife hotspot too!


You’ll feel at one with nature in our open-air casitas

Our open-air casitas mean it’s particularly easy to connect with nature, making Latitude 10 a dream for nature lovers.  Just spending time on your porch you may even see enough wildlife to rival the nearby and beautifully scenic Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve!  Here’s an introduction to some of the animals you might meet around Latitude 10 and Santa Teresa:


This long-nosed animal whose tail often stands tall, is a relative of the racoon.  Lone males or groups of females with young are active during the day, both on the ground and in the trees.  Coatis are omnivorous and feed on fruit, small invertebrates like spiders, and little vertebrates too.

Care Free Coatis

Watch out for care-free coatis roaming around the resort


You’ll hear the howler monkeys before you see them, nice and early as the sun rises!  These dark, chunky-bodied and black-faced monkeys travel in troops of up to 20, and they’re rather lethargic, spending a lot of time munching leaves, fruit and flowers.  The males’ deep, resounding howls sound like lions roaring, and they serve as communication among and between troops.

Howler monkeys at Latitude 10

Howler monkeys at Latitude 10 – nature’s alarm clock!


Weighing just a fraction of an ounce, hummingbirds are nonetheless some of the most notable residents of our tropical forests.  At least 50 varieties can be found in Costa Rica, visiting typically red, tubular flowers in their seemingly endless search for energy-rich nectar!  It’s a joy to observe their iridescent colors and bizarre bill and tail shapes!

Nature and Wildlife in Santa Teresa

It’s a joy to observe the colorful hummingbirds while relaxing at Latitude 10


Flaps of skin on long toes enable this spectacular lizard to run across water, earning it the name ‘Jesus Christ’!  Costa Rica has three species of this lizard, also known as the basilisk: on the Pacific side where we’re based, they’re brown with pale lateral stripes, but in the Caribbean they can be green, turquoise, striped and crested!

“Jesus Christ” lizard

The aptly named “Jesus Christ” lizard


Our resident tiger heron, Big Bird, is always lounging by the poolYou’re likely to meet our resident tiger heron named Big Bird relaxing by the pool.  These beautiful animals tend to be quite solitary although Big Bird is always keen to see guests!  Their diets include fish, frogs, crabs and insects, and they can also be spotted throughout our prized national parks.

While at Latitude 10, you may also spot leaf-cutter ants, white-throated magpie-jays and definitely a number of iguanas – keep your eyes peeled for the most majestic red crested ones!

The opportunities for adventure are endless in Santa Teresa.  Explore them here!

Nature and Wildlife in Santa Teresa

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