I posted some pictures I took at latitude 10 here: I also put a blog post on my travel website here: I hope you enjoy. We had a great time! John

I am still trying to come back to reality. (Maybe I left reality when I left Latitude 10!). What a wonderful experience it was — from the ocean to master suite to the gardens and most of all the incredibly hospitable staff.  You are all gems! Yes, you exceeded our expectations. I like the thought of “Latitude 10 as your private secluded home in Costa Rica”.

Can’t wait to see all of you again, and to relax in Master Suite A!
Brian Ziegler

We were in a rush getting packed in the morning when we got the review card… I want to change my “one word to describe Latitude 10.”  The proper word would be “authentic.”  I don’t mean authentic Costa Rican, but simply authentic to it’s place in the surrounding environment. The lack of air conditioning (and window glass), the touch and go wifi, small friendly staff, natural gardens, and the dinner menu of one item per night combine to give an atmosphere of naked authenticity pulled off better than anywhere else i’ve been, in Costa Rica or elsewhere.

The food was brilliant.  I would put it on par with some of the finest I’ve had in Toronto, but just as important, I never had the feeling I was being prepared food that foreigners would enjoy, but simply enjoyable food from a trained and talented chef.

As for the kids, i’m a firm believer that fewer options is a better option.  They feed off the energy of a place, and Latitude 10 is an absolutely perfect anti-Disneyland.  The kids tapped into that tranquility as readily as their parents.

Where other places try to offer luxury through a wide, but confused muddle of options hoping there will be something you enjoy, Latitude 10 offered a clear depth; a tiny spot of simple luxury borrowed from, but not imposed upon, the jungle.  What it does well it does very well… the rest isn’t missed.
Thanks, we wish we were still there.
Blair and Evise, Trace and Tessa

Thank you for making the trip so special.  Mike and Tanith had a lovely wedding and the holiday was fantastic.

Maricela and the rest of the team really spoilt us from start to finish and they made it such a special trip.

Hope to be back soon!

Hola Maricela, Alejandro, Silvia and Evette,

I just wanted to thanks for all of you for making our vacation the best one ever. Your welcoming smiles and genuine friendship still linger warm for us, long after the the Costa Rican heat has faded. I sincerely hope we will meet again.

Hasta luego,
Grant & Jeannie.

Dear Friends Adriana, Maricela, Ivette and Alejandro, Our most sincere thanks for a lovely visit with you. We have stayed at our beloved Santa Teresa many times before, but, together, you and Latitude 10 have found a way to bring everything beautiful from your natural surroundings to this one perfect place. It is your smiling face, your kind and gentle nature, your warmth of heart, and innocent spirit that make this luxurious place truly special. You have found a way to puncture the armor that most of us in the U.S. wear just to make it through the day. Two days spent in your company at this oasis of calm and rejuvenation is worth a year at the Four Seasons. Our thanks to Mr. Florsheim and Mr. Hughes for having the vision to imagine this project, the passion to see it through, and the wisdom to share it. We will most certainly be back as soon as we can and hope that we have the great fortune to see you all again. Until then, we wish you only the best in life. Stay well and know that what you are doing is important and very much appreciated.
Stephanie Vaudreuil

Hello Maricela and Adriana! We are home in snowy Boston and talking with all of our friends about our wonderful time in your country, and especially at Latitude 10! You all made our stay so memorable, comfortable, and relaxing, and we hope to return one day. Take care of yourselves and your families and know that we so appreciate all that you do for your guests 🙂 In my mind, you are “therapists”!
Have a good “winter”.
Linda and Gerald

Hi Everyone, we arrived home at 2:00 a.m. Wish we were still there with you! The temperature here is 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Burrrrr! We had the most wonderful trip at Latitude 10. We loved our room, the meals were delicious (Sebastian was wow!), the beach was beautiful, but most of all, all of you (the staff) were so lovely to us. We couldn’t have asked for more! Thank you all for giving us such a fabulous experience! You were the best. Hope to see you again in the future.
Rick and Ann Bull

I would like to write a testimonial about our visit a few weeks ago as we are beyond in love with your resort, Out time was there was one of the most beautiful vacations in our married lives and that is over 32 years. Everyone there went above and beyond what anyone would desire. The kindness and the loving energy was completely felt during our whole stay. Physically the place is heaven here on earth and the whole concept takes us out of our programmed lives and immerses us into paradise where we never now what physical wonder will come into our physical senses. It is pure luxury in the jungle on the beach and the food was healthy and perfectly wonderful. WE will be back for sure. Maybe never leaving! In gratitude,
Shelley and Ron Tatelbaum

Latitude 10 was also terrific and Silvia was so accommodating, as was everyone else there. Cayuga has accomplished something in their properties that is so very rare in hospitality these days, namely, you feel like part of the FAMILY when you stay at a Cayuga managed property, not simply a guest. The caring and hospitality is genuine, not forced like it is here in the U.S. and the employees seem to actually enjoy their work. How novel! I also love the fact that they “leave you alone” to do as much or as little as you like. I go into total relaxation mode when I’m on vacation and sometimes I just want to sit on the beach with a good book, which I did and totally relaxed.
Charleen Heidt

Dear Rick and Bob, I can’t begin to tell you what a magnificent home/resort that you both have created in this place called paradise. It is obvious that the two of you must live a lifestyle of luxury and have a deep appreciation of beautiful things…It is apparent in all that you have done here. We have traveled most of the world and must say that this has been one of our most incredible trips ever. I want to thank you so much for this opportunity and hope to return again one day to your beautiful home. We also want to pay special homage to Johnny and Diogenes who has done the most incredible job in making our stay unforgettable. Again…thank you so much from all of us.
The Tobacks

Thank you for our wonderful stay with you- we loved every minute of it. It was an amazing experience staying at latitude 10 and we are ever so grateful for the helpfulness and kindness of all the staff there- everybody was brilliant, so thank you very much.

Thank you once again for a wonderful experience and thank you for all your kindness. We will hope to see you all again at some point in the future!
Tom and Fidan

Soon to Latitude 10! Let’s just say that it was the most idyllic, hidden castaway retreat in a stunning location and offering a level of service and luxury that most hotels can only aspire to. You can quote me on that!
Bridget Cole

I spent an amazing week with my good friend, DeeDee Olson, at an incredible place in a spectacular setting. (The hyperbole is NOT over-stated)

We stayed at Latitude 10 Resort on the Pacific Coast of the southern tip of Nicoya Peninsula. Read more here

The highlight was Latitude 10. It was built by two friends and business partners, one of whom is a friend of mine. It was not intended to be a commercial venture, but was designed to be the ultimate getaway for their families and friends. Therefore, it is unlike any other resort/hotel. The quality of construction, attention to detail, and seamless merging with the natural surroundings, make this a unique destination.

There are five casitas, set apart from each other in natural settings. Each one is distinctive in the way it is decorated, and is totally private. So, while you’re resting on 1,000 thread count sheets, you can hear the monkeys cavorting in the trees just outside your window.

Of equal importance, the very competent staff members are extremely nice and friendly.
A delicious breakfast and light evening meal are provided, and we found all of the food in the area to be of gourmet quality.

After seeing the photos, and especially the videos, I hope you’ll want to experience Latitude 10. (No, I’m not on commission), however, if you must have TV, phone, room service (the club house does have wireless), and have an aversion to being immersed in nature, look elsewhere.

Here is the link to pictures and videos of my recent trip to Costa Rica. I suggest not clicking on “slideshow”, because it doesn’t include the videos. Just click on the first image, and then each subsequent image in the window that appears in the upper left hand corner.
Jeff and DeeDee

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