Santa Teresa Beach Costa Rica

Santa Teresa is known as a laidback surfer’s paradise. It is located on the southwestern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula and is just a short drive from Cabo Blanco National Park. The town is surrounded by jungle and offers pristine white sand beaches. It has a variety of  international restaurants, shopping and nightlife available for its visitors as well as world class surfing at its beaches. From Latitude 10, you can take one of our bikes and go into town or we can call a taxi for you. The staff at our Resort can recommend places to eat and visit in town.

Tours and Activities

Activities for all levels of difficulty are available in Santa Teresa and our neighboring towns.

Our staff at Latitude 10 can easily arrange any tour that you are interested in. Taking a hike

to the Montezuma waterfall, a canopy tour or surfing are just a few of the adventure activities available. For those looking for a little less action, you can go horseback riding on the beach, snorkeling in the Golfo Nicoya or kayaking. All of our tours will get you outside and into nature, exploring and discovering the abundant wildlife and beautiful flowers and trees located on the Nicoya Peninsula.


Whether you’re brand new to surfing or can rip, shred and ride like the best of them, Santa

Teresa beach is the ideal place for all levels. At Latitude 10, you can take one of our boogie

boards or surfboards and walk just a short distance to some of the best waves in the world. If you’re new to surfing, the local surf shops in town can offer you lessons and in no time at all, you’ll be standing up and riding the waves!

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small but beautiful country located in Central America, between Nicaragua and Panama. The Caribbean Sea borders its Eastern Coast and the Pacific Ocean borders the West.

While it is one of the smaller countries in Central America, it is actually home to almost 4% of the world’s biodiversity. An environmental and democratic country, Costa Rica prides itself on being a peaceful nation having abolished its army in 1949.

“Pura Vida”, meaning Pure Life, is a mantra of the Costa Rican people. It means living in the moment fully, enjoying life’s celebrations both big and small, and that all is well. Latitude 10’s community of Santa Teresa is a perfect embodiment of this mantra. As can be found throughout most of Costa Rica, the people here in Santa Teresa are friendly and helpful. You will find the people of Costa Rica to be upbeat and kind, having an appreciation for life and living it to its fullest each and every day.

Santa Teresa Directory


NameUbicationType of FoodSeaview
AmbrosiaPlaya Santa teresaVariedno
FlorblancaSanta teresaMenu Changes every Dayyes
MilarepaSanta TeresaSeafood French Fusionyes
Roca MarSanta teresaVariedyes
KikaSanta TeresaSeafood / Argentinianno
AlmaSanta TeresaSeafood / Sushi / Chileanno
Koji´sSanta TeresaSushino
PranamarPlaya HermosaSeafood / Vegetarianno
Soda El BosqueSanta TeresaTypical foodno
Burger RanchoSanta TeresaVariedno
Chiken JoeSanta Teresafast foodno
Pizza TomateSanta TeresaPizzano
Las PiedrasSanta TeresaGrilled Chickenno
TiquiciaSanta TeresaTypical foodno
El PulpoSanta TeresaPizzano
Al chile ViolaPlaya Carmenitalianyes
Ritmo TropicalMalpaísPizzano
Brisas del MarPlaya CarmenSeafoodyes


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