Because You’re Low-Key & Carefree

Latitude 10°

Your Beachfront Wedding at Latitude 10°
Beach House Resort

A small, intimate ceremony on the beach. A relaxed, gourmet meal with all your favorite people. Our secluded white sand beach is the dream destination to tie the knot. Our small, luxury Beach House Resort is the perfect spot for quality time with loved ones.

Book out the whole beach house or just the rooms you need.

Latitude 10°

For Your Destination Beach Wedding
Santa Teresa, Costa Rica


Bring the Celebrations to Paradise

“My husband and I came to Latitude 10 to get married and it was everything we hoped for. What we wanted was a rustic, wild, adventure that reflected our personalities and not only did we get what we imagined, but with the comfort and luxury of this beautiful place. We got married on the beach, no stress, just the magnificent waves, beautiful sunset and an incredible thunder and lightning display to finish it off.”


Dreaming of a Beachfront Wedding in Santa Teresa?