Sustainability at Latitude 10

Latitude 10 forms part of the Cayuga Collection of Sustainable Luxury Hotels and Lodges. Cayuga operates sustainable hotels, resorts and eco lodges in Costa Rica and Nicaragua and is considered a world leader in sustainable hospitality. Latitude 10 is too small to be part of a formal sustainability certification system. But we take conservation and community development very seriously. We are focused on:

–       Hiring local staff and purchasing local products in order to bring the greatest possible benefits to the local community.
–       Causing a minimal impact on the beachfront rain forest environment where we are located.
–       Providing guests a sense of place and connecting them with the local culture and people.
–       Support education and conservation through Travel Philanthropy.

Our footprint is small as we only have 5 bungalows and one guest room.  We hire locals only – preferably from the Santa Teresa area. We do not believe in hiring foreign expats that are looking for a beach style life. Yes, maybe the English language skills of our staff are not at 100%, but they make up for it in personality and the option for you to connect with them and hear their story.

Water is a scarce resource in Santa Teresa, so we are very conscious about its use. We installed modern low flow toilets that use only 3 liters per flush. We have our own waste water treatment system and try to minimize the need for irrigation by using local plants and species in our gardens.

We serve responsibly caught seafood (no endangered species), grass-fed beef, hormone-free chicken and as many locally produced and organic fruits and vegetables as possible. We offer a great selection of organic coffee and organic and biodynamic wines. We do not serve bottled water and besides “refusing” items that could turn into trash; we have a sophisticated recycling system in place.

We do not have Air Conditioning in our bungalows as they are built to take maximum advantage of the Ocean breezes and the natural cross ventilation. The water in your shower is heated by solar panels. If you want to learn more about our sustainability efforts, send us a note to

Giving Back

We believe strongly in minimizing our negative impacts to our surrounding environment and we believe in giving back to our local community. We also believe in the transformative power of education for raising awareness about and initiating action for the natural environment and the challenges it faces. For this reason we are implementing the program Building for the Future, a straightforward and tangible program that helps improve school infrastructure and provide needed school supplies.

We are working with Santa Teresa School, providing basic school supplies for 200 kids. Many kids without school supplies are forced to drop out. Also, in Costa Rica, 45% of primary schools and 67% of high schools do not have a computer lab. These children are at a significant disadvantage compared to children that have access to computers and this limits the overall success to compete in today’s technology driven market. So we decided to create a small computer lab for these students.

We are doing this work with the 501c3 nonprofit Earth Equilibrium. You can contribute towards either project. Your contributions are tax deductible. If you are at Latitude 10 donations can be made directly at our front desk. To learn more about Earth Equilibrium´s work visit

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