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Latitude 10°

GAIA Spa & Bodyworks
at Latitude 10°

You’ll find it easy to feel well at Latitude 10°. That deep sense of well-being on your early morning beach walks. That inner peace after a beachfront yoga session. The smile on your face as you shower in the open-air, totally immersed in nature.

And when you want pure spa relaxation, we can organize soothing massages, revitalizing scrubs and many more indulgent therapies for you.

Enjoy them in our Clubhouse treatment room, in the privacy of your casita or in a shady spot on the beach.

Latitude 10°

Feel Well at Latitude 10° Beach House Resort


Complete Tranquility

“I love the tranquillity of the hotel… if you could even call it that! “Getaway” seems a more fitting word. There is a focus on wellness and relaxation here that seems to just permeate the bungalows, restaurant and the surrounding beaches.”

 Amber, Los Angeles

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